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July 10, 2014

A Place to Speak Our Minds

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Alternate Title: “How I spent my Summer vacation coding”

Hello everyone! Comfortable? Supportive posture? Good!

Welcome to our blog. This is where we can post projects we’ve done, best practices for your business, and opinions on the latest design topics. We believe in helping local businesses succeed through direct relationships and education. This will hopefully be a great place to learn and become engaged in your brand’s success and a little bit about the expertise and care that goes in to everything we do.

Your “brand” is so much more than a catchy logo or a nice font. There are many factors that need to be considered when creating or promoting your brand. Can you consistently replicate your brand across print and web? What about t-shirts? What about the side of a building? Any perceived irregularity or lack of professionalism can seriously harm your bottom line.

Competition is fierce in any industry. If you are doing something right, other people will imitate you, even copy you. Protecting your brand image should be your top priority! We are passionate about crafting memorable brands that can set you apart and make you the leader in the minds of your audience.

We have helped many companies achieve success through clean and consistent branding application. We do our work in-house so you always deal directly with the person doing the work. We think a healthy and open relationship between Designer and Client is essential to getting the best results. We’d love to get to know you, but in the mean time we’ll use this blog as a place to get to know us.

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