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July 11, 2014

Defence Intelligence


About the Client

Defence Intelligence is a network security firm. They specialize in malware detection and prevention through traffic monitoring and filtering.


We were presented with a company that had experienced a period of change and growth. To reflect all of the new changes the company wanted to re-brand, but didn’t want to lose their established brand recognition. The client also wanted a logo mark that could be used more easily, to brand materials, for their busy conference schedule.

As Defence Intelligence, developed new products, we were able to grow the brand along with them. In line with their development team, we also built the the UX for their client portals.

New Branding Rationale:

We chose to keep the original colour scheme as the ‘tie in’ to the original branding. We gave Defence Intelligence a more modern and versatile brand with a logo and a word mark.

Specific Services Provided:

  • New Branding
  • New Website
  • Interface Design
  • App Desgin
  • Brochures
  • Booth
  • Promo items

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